REVIEW: City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

If you have never read The Mortal Instruments Series, or The Infernal Devices series, then I suggest you do so right now. Stop whatever you are doing and go and buy the books and binge read them immediately because they are amazing. (Well I think so at least)

Note: There will most likely be spoilers in this post, you have been warned!

I feel like I have been waiting for this book for just about forever and it finally came out and I was not disappointed in the slightest.

The character development was perfect and everything was perfectly wrapped and packaged at the end.

After reading Allegiant by Veronica Roth I was so scared to finish this book because I did not think I could survive the death of Clary, Jace, Isabelle, Alec, Simon, or Magnus and thank the good Lord in heaven that Cassandra Clare granted me mercy.

I loved the way that Emma Carstairs was introduced in this book. I was a little iffy about liking the new characters after reading the prologue, but as they were slowly introduced in the story I can honestly say I am so ready to read TDA!

My favorite part of this book is going to have to be when Brother Zachariah (aka JEM!!!) and Tessa talk to Clary and Jace. I love when Zachariah is remembering his past life, and the love he has for Will and Tessa. Whenever I had to read about him I felt myself reliving the end of Clockwork Princess.

I haven’t always been a huge fan of Malec because sometimes I feel like Alec is too whiney but in this book he developed so much and I really grew to love him and I am so happy that Magnus and Alec got a happy ending.

I can’t even discuss the amount of joy I have that Clace is still together and alive and well, and Jace brought up them living together in Herondale manor, because he is going to take the Herondale name. And their steamy scene in the demon realm…. (SO MANY FEELS!!)

Sizzy is so adorable and I couldn’t contain my happiness when Simon remembered Izzy after his memories were taken from him! And Simon is going to be a shadowhunter now? What?! He better be in TDA because I need to see how that is going to work out!

I loved that when Clary finally stabbed Sebastian that all the evil got burned away and for a few moments “Jonathan” was there to help them. It was genuinely heart breaking and almost made me feel bad for him….almost.

My least favorite parts in the book were honestly whenever I had to read from Maia’s POV. I just felt like she was a boring character and I never really connected with her when she was introduced. Although I do love Bat and wish he would’ve been in the story more.

This book was perfect. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better, happier ending than what was given, and let’s be real, after Clockwork Princess, I do believe Cassy owed it to all of us.


City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

American author Cassandra Clare is releasing the last book to her series “The Mortal Instruments” on May 27 2014.

Now I know that this cover has been out for a while but I just felt the need to talk about it today. Can we discuss how Clary is wearing white? I know that Cassie said that their will be multiple main character deaths, and we know that a boyfriend will die, but let me just say, if Jace dies in this books, I will seriously have to refrain from burning my entire collection of TMI books.

Do not get me wrong, I will be upset if Alec, Magnus, or Simon dies, but Jace? There is no way after reading “The Infernal Devices” and having Will taken away from me, that I could handle losing another Herondale. Honestly, I hope it’s Jordan that dies. I’m sorry if you’re a huge Mia and Jordan fan, but let’s be real, their relationship is just nothing compared to Clace, Sizzy, or Malec.

I am so extremely excited to see Jem in this book. I cannot wait to see if Jem is going to divulge any information to Jace about Will and Tessa, or if Tessa will make a more apparent appearance.

From the small snippets that have been released it seems to have a pretty steamy undertone, but if one of the boyfriends is going to die, let’s be real here, we don’t want Jace and Clary to pull a Tris and Four and never actually consummate the relationship right? (It just wouldn’t be right….right?)

I want to believe that Cassie wouldn’t kill off Jace, but after finishing “Allegiant”, and reading “The Fault in Our Stars” I no longer trust authors.

My heart breaks thinking that this series is going to be over in just a few weeks, but the fact that Cassie is going to be writing more makes me excited for the future.