Book Review: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Book Review: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

American Author, Rainbow Rowell, released her second young adult novel “Fangirl” on September 10 2013.
Rowell also wrote the New York Times Bestselling novel “Eleanor and Park”.

I could not have related any better with a main character from a book than I did with Cather Avery. As a college freshman myself, every time Cath worried about something, I would cringe at the remembrance of when I worried about the exact same thing just a few months ago.

I absolutely love the character development of not only Cath but also her twin sister Wren, who likes to play it off like she is the cooler one who is over Simon Snow and the entire fandom, when in all reality she is just as much a geek as Cath.

Levi was like a breath of fresh air. Often in books I find that the main character’s love interest seems to be portrayed as some dark mysterious, secretive boy, but Levi basically lays it all on the table the second he meets Cath, it’s just a matter of her realizing it.

Reagan’s character was so real as well. Sometimes the hard, “I don’t give a Sh**” girl turns out to be some soft marshmallowy person at the end of the book, but Reagan’s stayed stone cold throughout the whole story, while still remaining one of Cath’s best friends.

My favorite part had to be towards the end when Wren and Cath are fangirling over the new Simon Snow book and Cath’s roommate just finds them odd, because that’s exactly how my roommate looks at me when I fangirl over Harry Potter.

If you loved Eleanor and Park I hundred percent recommend this book