In Defense Of Girls On Ellipticals

Thought Catalog


To the girls on the elliptical, I salute you. Do you! Wear your lululemon leggings and oversized college sports team super-fan shirts! Elliptical to the dulcet tones of Miley Cyrus while reading Betches Love This on your phone. There is nothing wrong with being basic and there is nothing wrong with the elliptical!

I will proudly proclaim it from the top balcony of the gym: I am sometimes the girl on the elliptical! I bring my iPad and watch The League while working up a sweat doing 60 minutes of the “Glute Sculpt Plus” pre-programmed workout. And this is nothing to be ashamed of. There is no right way to workout and to shame girls on ellipticals is to force an ideal of fitness that is not universal on others.

The elliptical, contrary to popular belief, can actually be a good workout. I would know. I spent 3 months building…

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